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Biological Medicine

Biological medicine was born in Germany which combines alternative and conventional medicine. It considers that diseases are originated by the accumulation of toxin and internal imbalance due to poor nutrition, poor oxygenation, and poor waste elimination. The primary goal of BM is to restore the internal environment of the body and to improve biochemical reactions. It supports and boosts normal regulation, regeneration, and healing. BM does not treat symptoms or diseases. It addresses the whole body by removing underlying imbalances (toxins, chronic infections, allergies, dietary indiscretions, etc.)

During the first visit we will discuss and review question form, past health history, medical records, diagnostic tests, current medication, supplements, and performed physical examination. After the primary evaluation, we will discuss customized treatment plans and medications. As a part of the treatment plan BM starts from patient education of life-style, diet, and dental health. We are certain that the body’s internal milieu could be improved only if you provide changes in your lifestyle and have an interest achieving better health. The medication, vitamins, minerals, and supplements support and stimulate healing caused by changing your life-style and diet. During the first step, it is important to prepare your organs and systems to optimize their function and activate the immune system. Usually after several weeks you will feel different and more energetic.

The second step consists of removing imbalances (toxins, chronic infection, food allergies and etc.). This part is the most complicated and requires between several months to a year.

The last step provides nutritional supports for vital, effected organ and a system to restore and if possible regenerate them.

The remedies incorporated in our practice are the best quality from the most reputable companies (Sanum, Pekanna, Heel, Soluna, and etc.). Supplements, vitamins, and minerals are prescribed on an individual bases. Every man and his illness need personalized therapy. It does not require lifelong administration. As the symptoms decrease, people become less sick and the remedies and/or medications are withdrawn. The Biological Medicine is more than just detoxification, it is a comprehensive treatment plan for restoring health.

Dr. Alhov learned Biological medicine from Dr. Thomas Rau ( and Dr Thomas Szulc ( He attended the first teaching Biological Medicine conference in USA, provided by Dr. Thomas Rau. He also has personal benefit from using Biological Medicine. The high level cholesterol for 10 years returned to normal value and decreased more than 60 points.

BM helps with different chronic degenerative medical conditions (autoimmune diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestive disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome). Dr. Alhov specialized in degenerative joint disease, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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