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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a serious, complex medical disorder. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating illness with unknown origin.
Expert suggested that disease developed in genetically vulnerable individuals who exposed to a triggering event, such as infection, traumatic injury, emotional trauma, hormonal changes, environmental conditions and/or chemical exposure.
It affects people of all races, genders, ages, people with different socioeconomic backgrounds. It is no difference in prevalence between urban and rural populations. The CFS primary affects women than men. CFS strikes 5 times more women than men, with peak incidence between the ages of 40 and 59 years.
About 4 million persons in the United States has Chronic fatigue syndrome. The incidence this pathology increased from 2% in 2000 to 6-8 % now.
Back in 2000 many health care providers was not aware of CFS. I think the grows of incidence from 2 to 8 % are due to better doctors and patients education about this pathology. It was very common misperceptions about CFS as being "all in your head". Limited resources, and the lack of education among health care providers have been barriers to make correct diagnosis and treatment. We still don’t have crediatble diagnostic lab test but the doctors became more informed of combination complains that makes correct diagnosis.
The clinical picture of CFS has is cyclical changes. The symptoms could became more severe or less severe without any resoneable explanation. Sometimes it could resolved with full recovery.
Delays diagnosis and treatment CFS may lead to a more complicated course of illness and poorer prognosis for recovery. It was found that people with CFS has disfunction immune system and may increased risk certain malignancies.
It was done multiple studies that indicate that many persons with new onset CFS do not have any psychiatric disorder. The majority of people with CFS have not have depression before the onset of this disease but may become depressed from the profound impact of a chronic illness on their lives.
The diagnosis of CFS is challenging. CFS lacks a diagnostic laboratory test or biomarker. Many people with CFS do not look sick despite profound disability.


All people suffering from CFS experience severe, all-consuming mental and physical fatigue that is not relieved by rest. The fatigue can be worsened by minimal physical or mental exertion.


The formal diagnosis of CFS requires fatigue of at least 4 months duration.
Feeling worse after exercise.
Diffuse, migratory achiness.
Abnormal sleep.
Difficulty to find words, poor short memory, poor concentration, called brain fog.
Bowel dysfunction, many have IBS
Recurrent infection in such as sore throat, nasal congestion, sinusitis.
If this sound like you I have good news for you. All this issues and symptoms are REAL problem. It is not in your head. It is not psychiatric disorder.


The western medicine.
No drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of CFS.
The official medicine recommends general principles of supportive management, treat the major disabling symptoms, encourage patients to "pace" activity to prevent deconditioning without precipitating relapse.
We offer different approach which included four steps. We use only natural supplements the highest quality.
We not only manage symptoms we are looking for initial impact which one trigger this pathology. Also another big difference from another clinics we do individual medicine. What is mean? Every person different, everybody has different genes, different chemical reaction in the cells. So everybody react differently to the same medication or supplement. Using special methodic we able to find supplement that is best for your body.
As I mention before the treatment has four steps.
The first step begins from lifestyle modification which includes diet, sleep hygiene, exercise, and meditation.
The second step includes detoxification and filling body with vitamins, minerals.
. The next step is identify one or several triggers that caused development of chronic fatigue.
As I mention before it could be infection, traumatic injury, emotional trauma, hormonal changes, environmental conditions and/or chemical exposure.
One most common infection is yeast/mold.
Also other bacterias and viruses could be provoked fatigue.
In most cases we are using immune system stimulation with herbal supplementation to kill infection. If it’s needed we add intravenous therapy.
For emotional stress we are using techniques that erase psychological trauma.
If patient has physical trauma in most cases it is easy to fix with prolotherapy and ozone therapy.
Correction of adrenal dysfunction started as other chronic medical condition from lifestyle modification.
And last steps which I recommend is returning to active social life, have some interest, hobby everything what could make your life full.
I am holistic medical doctor with multiple treatment modalities which i use. It is included low dose immune therapy, neural therapy, prolotherapy, ozone therapy, deep detoxification which could be oral, intramuscular and intraveonus injection. I see limitation in western medicine in treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and my step by step approach is a road for full recovery.

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