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Natural Relief From Arthritis Pain

Joint pain can be found present in several different forms. Joint pain can be caused by old age (osteoarthritis), chronic infection (rheumatoid arthritis), metabolic abnormalities (gout) or from injuries.

The CDC estimates that more than 50 million US adults are diagnosed with arthritis.

Major symptoms of arthritis include pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion. Arthritis can affect multiple locations throughout your body. The knee joint is one of the most common locations in which arthritis develops.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, which gets worse with age.

Among adults 60 years of age or older the prevalence of symptomatic knee OA is approximately 10% in men and 13% in women.

Conventional doctors traditionally treat arthritis with anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, painkillers, physical therapy, and surgery.

Our holistic treatment offers a wide range of treatments for patients suffering from arthritis: exercise, acupuncture, diet modification, weight loss, lasers, biofeedback, omega 3, antiinflammatory supplements, homeopathic injections, ozone injections, and prolotherapy.

If you fail to treat knee arthritis and other joint arthritis with conventional treatments come try our approach.

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