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San Salutation

Sun Salutation has multiple mental and physical benefits. In only ten minutes you can achieve a low impact workout that combines Stretching, Resistance Training, and Cardiovascular Training.

Regular practice of Sun Salutation benefits your body with: Increased blood oxygenation by lung ventilation, stretches and tones your muscles, stimulates and tones your Endocrine system, tones up the internal abdominal organs by alternate stretching, compression cycles that results in better digestion and bowel movement, increases spine and waist flexibility, increase your mental focus and concentration, reduce depression, anxiety and stress, increase the quantity of “good mood”, increase mind to body coordination which is very good especially for older persons.


STEP 1. Stand with feet together, hands in prayer position

STEP 2. Inhale, keep palms together, stretch arms up until straight, look toward hands

STEP 3. Exhale, bend torso and head toward legs

STEP 4. Inhale, step the right leg back, arch back and lift chin

STEP 5. Exhaling, step left leg back, keep spine and leg in a straight line

STEP 6. Bend elbow in toward body, lower body toward floor, lower hips and thighs toward floor

STEP 7. Inhaling, stretch torso forward and bend back, stretch arm

STEP 8. Exhaling, lift hips, lift torso, stretch elbows

STEP 9. Inhaling, bring right leg forward between hands, left leg stretched, lift chin

STEP 10. Exhaling, bring right leg forward, bend torso

STEP 11. Inhaling, stretch arm up, slightly bend backward

STEP 12. Exhaling, return to initial position

Then repeat with stretching first left leg. One round of Sun Salutation consists of two sequences, the first leading with the right leg and the second leading with the left leg. You could repeat exercise 3-5 times.

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